48 million children in catastrophic humanitarian crises

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

48 million children live in conflict, natural disaster and other emergencies in 51 countries in 2018.

Around the world, violent conflict exacerbates humanitarian needs to critical levels, and this is accompanied by the fact that children in particular are more at risk than others. For years, conflicts - such as those in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and other countries - are increasingly complex and result in new waves of violence, displacement and the disruption of children's lives.

“Children cannot wait for wars to end,” said Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Director of Emergency Programs. “Crises are catastrophic, threatening the lives of children and young adults now, and threatening to destroy their future in the long run. Children are the most vulnerable when conflicts or natural disasters cause basic services to collapse.” , Such as health care, water and sanitation services. Unless the international community takes urgent measures to protect these children and provide them with life-saving assistance, they will face an increasingly bleak future.

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