Legal Risks and Crisis Management Strategies during the Coronavirus Outbreak. What British Businesse

On March 12th, Vivian Mao, Partner, will address key types of legal risks and crisis management strategies during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Hubei province has affected China’s economy and the foreign businesses’ supply chains globally due to its operations in mainland China. There are increasing numbers of the countries with coronavirus that continue to grow and managing your operations during this period will remain challenging.

UK businesses should be informed on the management risk and potential legal exposure.  What are the types of legal risks that you should consider? Who has the higher risk for the exposure?

In fact, there are strategies for the risk management which can avoid critical misunderstandings with clients; preempt friction with staff and finally maintain clients while minimizing a loss.

Please join us on March 12th on a joint webinar organized together with China Britain Business Council.

Vivian Mao is a Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates. Vivian is in charge of East China region. With more than 16 years of legal practice, Vivian is experienced in corporate compliance, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, legal due diligence, project investment, international trade, offshore investment, intellectual property, labor law, dispute settlement, arbitration and litigation. She has also led several anti-corruption investigation projects for multinational companies.

Vivian has a law degree in International Economic Law from East China University of Political Science and Law, holds the Certificate of Lawyer’s Qualification and is a member of International Bar Association. 


   Introduction to the Main Types of the Legal Risk under Coronavirus Situation and Parties that Might be Exposed

  • Safety risk for operations;

  • Public safety liability risk;

  • Contractual risk of non-fulfillment;

  • Labor relationship management and HR compliance risks; and

  • Cyber safety risk. Crisis Management Stages and Measures

  • Six stages of crisis management;

  • Crisis resolution principles;

  • Crisis resolution measures; and

  • Crisis recovery and prevention.

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